Everyone has potential to become leader.  We encourage everyone to "Rise to the Top."

King's Cathedral & Chapels

​​Welcome to King’s Cathedral and Chapels!   
        We are a church that God has given a unique

Plan, Purpose, and Passion.​
Our Plan is to be one church in many locations,
touching all of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim nations.​

Our Purpose is to be a personal, powerful, permeating church.​

Personal: We are a church that cares for people and is structured to minister to
​people no matter what their age group or ethnic background.​

Powerful: We are a church that yearns for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself among us.

Permeating: We are a church that is committed to seeing the gospel permeate every facet of society, not only through church services but through social services, education, media and recreation.

Finally our Passion is to be a church that makes disciples. We desire to see everyone “rise to the top” being committed to fulfill God’s call on their life.So when you are in Hawaii or in any cities where we are located, don’t miss worshiping with us at KC.

Dr. James Marocco Senior Pastor

"Be a Disciple, Make a Disciple"

We are one Church in Many Locations.

My wife and I serve as site Pastors under our Senior Pastor, Dr. James Marocco.

our Kauai Staff





Pastor Steve & Minister Vickie Franks

We are so thankful that you visited our site.  Please feel welcome to visit us at our Hanama'ulu or Ele'ele locations.  You will find our service info on the Home page.

Also, please visit the King's Cathedral & Chapels site to see where we are around the world.

May God richly bless you!