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The miracle of King’s Chapel Kaua'i began when Dr. James and Colleen Marocco, senior pastors of King’s Cathedral Maui, 

April 1998 

"The island had been devastated by Hurricane Iniki and although we only knew one family on Kauai, we moved forward in leasing a part of a shopping center that had been affected by the hurricane... and opened in April of 1998. We declared, "If we build i, they will come." That first Sunday, 130 people were in church and 110 responded to the altar call. Two people who received Christ that day are now on the ministry staff; Minister Scott and Pastor Monica Zenger. A second extension on Kauai was started three years later, along with the purchase of a 14-acre site. currently, we have four extensions on Kauai." Dr. James Marocco "The Multiplying Church"



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