King’s Chapel Eleele

Pastor Monica and Minister Scott have attended King’s Chapel Eleele since it first opened in 1998. They have served in multiple capacities throughout the years. Pastor Monica has directed the Children’s Ministry, oversaw King’s Christian Academy, and directed life groups. As a leader of Men’s Ministry, Minister Scott has lead life groups and organized Men’s events. He also oversaw Royal Rangers as a part of Children’s Ministry.

Pastor Monica and Minister Scott are currently directors over our King’s Chapel Eleele campus. They oversee the King’s Chapel Eleele Dream Team and lead life groups throughout the week. 

“Our passion is to see others know God more, becoming true followers of Christ and to help others to experience transformation.”  Their vision is to seek and save the lost while providing opportunities for others to express their God-given gifts in the church.


King’s Chapel Kauai / Transformation Ministry & Transformation House

Ministers Colin and Malia lead Transformation Ministry and oversee Transformation House. Their vision is for Transformation House to be seen as a safe haven for those who are lost, broken, addicted and/or abused and to help them integrate back into the community through the guidance and direction of Transformation Ministry. They also assist in leading King’s Chapel Kauai campus. 

“Our lives are a living testimony of coming out of bondage and a mind-set of destruction. We believe that the only way we survived and destroyed the giants in our lives is by God’s grace and mercy.


King’s Chapel Kauai 

Ministers Clifford and Cheri have served in various capacities throughout the years at King’s Chapel. They oversaw Arise (Young Adult Ministry) and were leaders in youth ministry. Minister Cheri leads Na Koa Laina Mia Kauai (Hula Ministry). They also lead life groups throughout the week for men and women.

“Our vision is to see growth beyond the four walls of the church, made evident by the lives of people who would have never heard of God’s goodness. God cares about the people of Kauai and our culture. We believe cultural relevance does not include compromising the gospel; it means learning to communicate it in the way that people can receive it.”


Generations Ministries (Children & Youth)

Ministers Crystal and Bryson have served at several King’s Chapel locations including Alaska and California before moving back to join the Kauai team.

Ministers Crystal and Bryson are currently directors of Velocity (Junior High Ministry) and Surge (Senior High Ministry). Minister Crystal additionally leads King’s Kids (Children’s Ministry) at King’s Chapel Eleele campus and assists administratively. Minister Bryson also serves on the King’s Chapel Eleele worship team.


“Our passion is to see this generation experience God’s power, to be full of the fire of God and boldness to be able to share God with their friends and family and be used in leading to them to salvation.” 


Marshallese Ministry

Minister Greg and Momi lead the Marshallese Ministry on Kauai. They have men’s, women’s, children, and youth ministries in addition to life groups and creative ministries. 


“Our vision is to reach 150 people every Sunday, disciple people, raise them up, and reach the Marshallese community.”